5. demandé

“Où es tu?” il a demandé.
“Where are you?” he asked.

demandé is the past participle of “ask,” which means you just need to throw in an “avoir” (have) verb before it, and you’ve got a dialogue tag. Coming across this a lot in this book, so it’ll be good to know. The other tag is “il/elle a dit,” which means he/she said.

Vous lui avez demandé premier, non?
You asked her first, right?

One really hard thing from going from Chinese to French is that I have to untrain my brain to put grammar in reverse. For example, the adverb “first” goes at the end of a sentence in English (“Ask your mom first!”) but at the beginning in Chinese (“First ask your mom!”) This placement is up to style in English but it’s fixed in Chinese.


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