3. par terre

Asseyez-vous par terre et mangez, s’il vous plait!
Sit down [on the ground] and eat, please!

(The context of the above sentence is a picnic, if there are any questions.)

s’asseoir = sit oneself (verb)

par terre = down [towards the earth, seems to refer to an outside context] (preposition phrase)

For verbs starting with se (se asseoir, se souvenir de, etc.), simply change the “se” part to the reflexive pronoun. (e.g. je/me, tu/te, vous/vous il/lui)

Use the personal pronoun, add the reflexive pronoun as a prefix to the verb, then add the verb.

Je m’assieds par terre.
I sit on the ground.

Tu t’es assise par terre.
You sat on the ground (addressing a woman).

“…le premier rang assis par terre…”
The first row sat down on the ground.

-Le Petit Nicolas, p. 8


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